How to Use Lensa AI App Features on Android & iOS

Have you tried out the Lensa app? You must be aware of it if you haven’t heard of it already because you can use Lensa AI to create AI-powered selfies that you can subsequently post on social media. You should have no trouble using the app whether you have an iPhone or Android smartphone. The Lensa app has lately gained a lot of popularity since a lot of people are using it to build their own AI selfies and then upload them on a variety of social media networks. 

People are usually eager to try out new things, and this time it is the Lensa app. People are always ready to try new things. The application has generated much interest, and many people are curious about how to operate Lensa AI. It would appear that utilizing the app and producing your own AI selfies using the program is not that difficult of a task. 

In this article, we will continue to explore all of the important elements connected to how you may utilize the Lensa AI software to make your own AI selfies. In the next sections of our piece, we will be delving deeper into the pertinent details about this topic. Therefore, without further ado, let us get started on learning how to utilize Lensa AI and creating your own AI selfies.

How Does Lensa AI App Work?

The Lensa AI software functions quite differently than typical photo editors, which apply adjustments and output photographs in real-time. When you use the Lensa AI app to submit your selfies, the images are sent to the cloud servers of either Amazon or Google. 

After that, the artificial intelligence analyzes your selfies by employing a latent diffusion model and CLIP, which is a dataset containing more than 400 million images and creates photos in a variety of alterations and artistic styles. Since an enormous amount of computational power is required to operate the Stable Diffusion model on the cloud, the generation of AI pictures for Lensa AI takes a significantly longer period than it would otherwise.

Features of Lensa App

The Lensa app has a tonne of different functionalities and features. If you subscribe to one of the plans, you will learn about the extensive and high-quality features that are available to you. Having said that, the features that are not paid for are also really impressive. The tools are lightning-fast and extremely intelligent. The following is a list of features that may be utilized without cost on the Lensa app.

Auto Adjust: It is an effective tool for modifying the color and making necessary adjustments.

Background Adjust: You have control over the color effects that are applied to the backdrop, the sky, the foreground, and plenty more.

Effects: This section allows you to add filters to your foreground image.

Art Styles: Even though you only have two or three lenses available to you, they are good enough to make your photographs appear to be drawings.

Extras: The editing features, such as save, redo, and undo, ensure that mistakes and laborious effort are not wasted.

How to Use Lensa AI App?

Are you uncertain about how to make use of Lensa AI?  You will first need to download and install the Lensa app on your device, then enable the free trial, then agree to the terms and conditions, then select your preferred selfies, then buy the avatars, then choose the pack, and finally save the avatars. Well, to accomplish this, you will first need to save the avatars after you have downloaded and installed the Lensa app.

That should give you an idea of how simple it is to utilize Lensa AI on your device to create AI selfies. Let’s talk about these procedures in further steps right now. 

Step #1: The initial step you need to do to get started with using the software is to download it. You don’t have to pay to have it downloaded. Depending on the operating system that you have installed on your device, you will either be able to access the app on your smartphone or on your computer.

Step #2: You should now be able to see the Get Started button; thus, select that option. You will be presented with the option to subscribe to either the monthly or annual plan at this point. You have the option to begin your trip with an AI avatar by taking advantage of a free trial for the first week.

Step #3: After you have selected “continue,” you will be prompted to submit anywhere from ten to twenty selfies. The application suggests making use of facial expressions, close-ups, photographs of adults, and a range of backdrops and settings. It urges users to stay away from group images, pictures of children, pictures with their faces covered, and naked pictures.

Step #4: You may now search for and choose between 10 and 20 photographs stored on your device. You may now wait for the Photos app to finish importing them into the Lensa app.

Step #5: After the selection of your preferred photos, you will be asked to specify your gender and the image package that most appeals to you. At this time, there are three different choices. The first item is a bundle of 50 Avatars, each of which comes in five distinct styles with ten variants each. The second item is a collection of ten different looks, each of which may be customized into one of ten different avatars. And last, a collection of 200 different avatars, each with 20 different style modifications.

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