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Picsart is a great editing app designed for photography lovers who want to easily edit their photos and videos on Android mobiles. It provides all the premium and unique features needed to edit footage at the highest level. You will love this tool and enjoy editing images through this app due to its easy use and standard features. Most likely, the features we need in editing are unique effects, filters, multiple frames, color schema, text editing, clipart, masking, drawing, etc.  All these you can find on a platform called PicsArt MOD APK.

NamePicsArt MOD APK
APK Size67 MB
TypeMobile Application (Gold Subscription Unlocked)
Supported OnAndroid 5.0 and Above
Last UpdatedFew Seconds Ago
Rating Value4.3

What is MOD APK? It is a modified version of the application which provides all the limited and locked features of any application for free. What makes this editor unique from other editing apps like VSCO, Inshot, Alight Motion etc, is its unique features which include a collage template, stylish effects, collection of fonts and stickers, sketches.

Another great thing about this app is video editing, you can edit videos using its professional pre-built templates. This means you can enhance your video using your mobile phone without the need for advanced video editing skills.

Download PicsArt MOD APK for Android

For those users who are having difficulty editing photos due to limited features in the app downloaded from the Play Store, a modified version of the app is available for download which can be used with the premium features. If you are fond of photo editing but lack the resources of modern software that prevents you, then the solution to your problem is in the form of picsart, which is absolutely free and provides image quality like heavy software. You can download a crack latest version of PicsArt Photo & Video Editor for your Android mobile from here.

Amazing Features that Makes Picsart Great

Now let’s take a look at the features of PicsArt that makes it great, how its functionalities facilitate us, what features can we use to enhance our photos and videos?

Photo Editor

  • With thousands of amazing features including tools to cutouts, stretch, crop, add text, clone, and curves.
  • It also has a set of amazing customizing filters including HDR, frames, backgrounds, borders, labels for the final product design.
  • PicsArt plus offers hundreds of fonts to add text lines of your favorite story or create memes in your photos.
  • You will be amazed to discover the most popular and modern app among photographers or memers.

Video Editor

The main feature of this app is video making which makes it different from other editing apps. It’s easy to use, has an amazing number of effects, filters and stickers, user experience, slideshows, songs, background music give it a plus point. You can edit your TikTok videos from scratch and give them an interesting look by adding stylish effects and music. 

Collage Maker

Collage Maker is a very interesting feature available on PicsArt that can be used to combine multiple images into one frame. Stylish grid frames and templates will help you create stunning collages of your friends’ photos. 

Sticker Maker + Free Stickers

Play with the 5 million stickers that are gifts to Picsart users from the community and enjoy sharing with your circle of friends. If you want to discover more creativity from yourself, this app allows you to build it on its sticker-making functionality, the app will provide you tools and materials to create amazing and compelling stickers.

Photo Effects

This is the most interesting section with lots of designing and editing effects to make your image look the best. Must use Sketch & Canvas effects to make your selfies hottest. 

Drawing Tool

This feature is for artists, they can customize the images using the brush, layers, and many other options provided in the drawing tool to edit the images online by mobile phone. 

Image Remixing

By exploring the various options of an amazing remixing feature, we can customize the image by adding personal touches to it. It’s an easy-to-use feature, feel free to use it and share your creative images with your online community.


This option allows you to recreate the latest edits in just a few steps. Design multiple images in one style to keep your social media feeds up-to-date and consistent using Picsart’s replay option.


Sketching is a very unique and interesting editing option that Android users can only find in Picsart. Using this editing option, users can easily create sketches of any of their photos and selfies. With a wonderful color combination provided by the Picsart community, you can experience authentic lines and color your own sketches.


In the picsart community we can find a variety of photo and video editing ideas, pre-made templates and editing tutorials shared by professional photographers and editors on a daily basis. People use these ideas and templates to apply to their photos.

CB Editing

CB Edits is an advanced editing style introduced by Chetan Bhovir who is a famous editor. You can find various popular influencers who use this editing style to edit their photo for Instagram. CB Edits is unique in itself. This is the reason why people are looking for high quality CB backgrounds to download. Picsart is the app that enables us to edit CB images effectively.

Remove BG

Picsart has listed the option to remove the image background feature in the main bar which helps users to have easy access. This feature automatically selects and removes the entire background of the image.

Paint Tool

Picsart allows its users to create paintings on their photos using its paint tool option. You can either use this feature on your photos or get canvas within picsart to create these paintings. This is perfect especially for those who love to paint for advancements on photos.

Live Camera

Another great feature of picsart is “Live Camera” which allows you to click live photos and selfies within the app just like Snapchat and Instagram. For this purpose you don’t need to access your data camera and can also get live filters for your good photos.

Friendly And Heartwarming Interface Design

In the tech world, a big reason for the popularity of any web and app is the interface to make a good impression on the user. The Picsart interface is also designed with all things in mind so that the user can easily access all the features and not get bored. Every new user can easily use it like Pro because of its flexibility and access to all features. 

Custom-Made Color Board With Various Color Filter

Color scheme is an important part of image and video editing, an app or tool can impress the user with stylish color filters. Picsart is one of the apps that provides great colors and filters without compromising on image quality. The choice of good colors gives a special look to any photo, video or any social media frame or post. 

Immense Library Of Visual Effects

There is an extensive collection of filters and beautiful visual effects that people apply to images to make it impressive. The Picsart community has created a library of effects for its users, keeping in mind their different tastes and editing style of image. For responsive and creative videos, they offer numerous animation effects or short video templates. Explore the library and make your photos and videos wonderful.

Add Stylish Text And Emoji

This is for people who want to add some inspirational quote or some other text to their photos, you can create social media posts for branding purposes, as well as create flyers. There is a huge collection of emojis and icons to add into the text to express emotions. It helps a lot in video editing to describe scenes through custom text or lines. 

No Ads

In this digital age, we are confronted with advertising videos while doing any work on the internet which is somehow annoying. The good thing about picsart premium is that we never face or wait to remove ads to continue our editing process. We can do our photo or video editing smoothly.

PicsArt Pros and Cons

In the IT world, every software has advantages as well as disadvantages, but PicsArt has more benefits as defined in the Pros section. 


  • PicsArt community provides a strong support to its users
  • Its premium features are unlocked and easy to access
  • All filters are unlocked
  • Edit your images without a watermark
  • Many images editing features and tools in one platform
  • We can freely make amazing stickers 
  • Both photo and video editor
  • Free to use
  • No login required
  • No ads


  • Low Ram mobile devices don’t support it properly
  • You need to spend money for getting Picsart gold

How to Download and Install PicsArt Pro APK in Android Mobile

It’s not a difficult task, as we mentioned above it is a very user-friendly and easy-to-use app, so we can download and install it by following just a few steps defined below in simple words. 

  • Click on the below “Download Button” to get apk file 
  • In the file manager of android phone, open the downloads folder
  • Open the PicsArt apk file
  • Here file manager ask some permissions to you for further proceed
  • Grant it
  • Tap on the installation button 
  • The installation process will be complete within a few seconds
  • That’s it
  • Go and enjoy your app with all premium features

System Requirements

  • Before you start downloading and installing the Picsart app, make sure you meet the system requirements, which is following
  • RAM: 3GB, 4GB, or more
  • Processor: Octa Core (1.6 GHz) or Quad Core (1.8 GHz)
  • Operating system: Android 5.0 and above
  • Storage: 65MB
  • Permissions: Location, Gallery, Contacts, Camera, Wi-Fi permission

How to Hack Picsart Gold for Free

Picsart MOD is a modified version of PicsArt Photo Editor. It is the ruler of all image-changing devices. Image modification is a work of art, and this craft is incomprehensible without Picsart MOD APK.

When you receive Picsart Gold, it offers you a large number of premium highlighters such as edges, stickers, textile styling, curtains and composition. These beautiful things are proving to be extremely helpful through all aspects of PicsArt.

To get Picsart Gold MOD for free, you’ll want to register a Picsart Mode account using your email id. After doing so, you will get all the gold for free.

How Does Picsart Gold APK Facilitate Us?

  • Unlimited images can be customized to your liking.
  • We can use this app without ads.
  • More than 50,000 high resolution images
  • More than 5000 stickers
  • Can be used without a watermark
  • Edit videos with photo and videos editor
  • Unlimited fonts can be used
  • Built-in And In-Depth Video Maker 
  • Beautify Selfies
  • Image Background removing
  • Provide exposure and transparency

PicsArt APK VS PicsArt Gold APK

Here we check the basic difference between PicsArt apk vs picsart gold apk

Picsart vs Picsart GoldFreeGold
AI-powered Remove toolNoYes
Basic ToolsYesYes
Easy-to-use templatesNoYes
Exclusive beautify toolsNoYes
Filters that are anything but basicNoYes
Hundreds of premium fontsNoYes
No adsNoYes
Video editorNoYes

Public Reviews

Daniel Jain

PicsArt Mod Apk is a remarkable application with several functions to help increase your creativity. With an AI image editor and video clip editor, you can produce professional-level photos as well as videos. There are also a lot of features to assist you to personalize your photos as well as videos, consisting of elegant picture filters, stickers labels, and histories. People can also produce AI avatars as well as more!

Lily Moore

A really interesting app, a great option for different parts of your editing and more. It never bores you no matter how much you use it. Definitely worth downloading!


I have been using Picsart for over a year. It helps me a lot. Thanks for creating the best free application for all people. I have had a great experience with this easy to use app.



Finally, we have collected for you the best information about Picsart MOD APK which is one of the most used photo editing app in the world today with around 820M+ active users. It is the top rated app on Android devices with many free premium features like image remixing, photo effects and frames, unique and attractive drawing tools, and much more. This app is 100% safe for your editing so download it from the above link and take your creative skills to the next level.

PicsArt Old Versions

Here we have displayed the old version of picsart app for those devices which are not able to run its current version. Each version has been individually tested to ensure that users’ devices remain free of all types of malware. So choose the version according to the capability of your mobile and enjoy pleasant editing.

Version Size Download
APK file v21.7.567 MBDownload Apk File [MOD]
APK file v21.7.467 MBDownload Apk File [MOD]
APK file v21.7.167 MBDownload Apk File [MOD]
APK file v20.9.167 MBDownload Apk File [MOD]
APK file v20.9.067 MBDownload Apk File [MOD]
APK file v20.8.167 MBDownload Apk File [MOD]
APK file v20.8.067 MBDownload Apk File [MOD]
APK file v20.6.767 MBDownload Apk File [MOD]
APK file v19.9.067 MBDownload Apk File [MOD]
APK file v19.7.167 MBDownload Apk File [MOD]
APK file v19.6.067 MBDownload Apk File [MOD]
APK file v19.5.567 MBDownload Apk File [MOD]

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