How to Export Video and Error Fixing in Alight Motion

Most users can easily edit a video in AM, but they do not know how to export this edited video in the mobile gallery. Some users know how to save the video in the gallery, but sometimes they have to face an error that is hindering exporting. 

In fact, after editing video up to 4K resolution in this application, we do not know how to save it. The reason is that we do not look at things carefully, otherwise the app that has come up with such simple features of video editing can not be difficult to export.

Today we will give you a detailed solution to all the problems that come up regarding exporting video in AM, after which you will never have any problem in exporting.

For those users who do not know that Alight Motion is a Motion Graphic App that is full of features like visual effects, video editing, animation, video creation, and many more. With this app we can edit any of our videos and even use someone else’s video edits.

Moreover, Alight Motion Is a successful video editing app all over the world. In fact, the tiktokers and pubg lovers edit their videos with the help of this app and generate handsome amounts on a daily basis. The use of the Alight Motion app is quite easy even a newbie can understand its features on its first attempt.

How to Export Alight Motion Video into Gallery

  • After opening the Alight Motion App, your first task is to edit the video.
  • When you are satisfied with your editing, click on the export button at the top right corner so that you can enter the video saving phase.
  • Then, as soon as the export process is finished, press the save button that appears on the screen.
  • Congratulations, your video has been exported without any problems.
  • It is better if you can easily find it on mobile, otherwise go to internal storage and find it, after saving, it goes there.

How to Fix Error in Exporting a Video in Alight Motion Application

If you are facing an error in Alight Motion during exporting a video then you can get help with this youtube video, the link is given below.

How to Save Alight Motion Video Without Watermark

As we described above, how to export video edited in AM in very simple words. As we described above, how to export video edited in AM in very simple words. But the watermark will be visible which you may not like to see on your video. So if you want to save videos without a watermark then you have to edit your videos Alight Motion Pro Version.

But you don’t have to worry if you want to do this free of cost then you can get rid of the watermark using third-party apps. We have explained in detail how to remove the watermark on Alight motion without pay.

We hope that the questions that have been on your mind so far regarding video exporting in AM have been resolved. So now you can save edited videos in your android gallery without any problem.

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