Download Alight Motion (V5.0.62.103295) MOD APK for Free

There are many applications in the world that allow you to do cool and professional video editing through their platforms but with a little glitch they can be leaked from anywhere. Users usually try hard to get a good video, but if they do not find the right editing app, all their hard work can be wasted. Alight motion also works like other similar apps but it gives a good user experience due to which there is a lot of talk about it these days.

NameAlight Motion MOD APK
Size70 MB
Updatedfew days ago
Android Version RequiresMinimum 5.0
DeveloperAlight Creative, Inc.
MOD Info->Without Watermark
->Pro Subscription Unlocked
->Single Package APK (No SAI Needed)

It was not very popular before the upgrade but since the update it has surpassed many apps. Alight motion introduces new classic and visual effects in the app that add a beautiful and professional look to your editing. Not only this, with the help of this you can create beautiful animations. It helps to get people’s attention by editing your simple image. If you are video gaming esthetic like pubg mobile, free fire, COD and something more like and want to edit your short video clips awesome, then try alight motion apk which gives you all premium features free of cost.

Comparison Between Alight Motion and Alight Motion MOD APK

Alight motion has very limited features for creating animations, graphics, and videos as it does not have access to premium features. It can provide you with a certain range of editing that you cannot exceed. If you want all the premium features in one simple app, pay for it, otherwise it does not allow you to edit according to your wish.

Its MOD APK has all the premium and unlocked features that provide a great deal of tools for creating graphic and video editing without purchasing any subscription. This is a great platform for people who have spent a lot of money on other editing apps before coming to Alight Motion. Using the Alight Motion Premium version is much easier than you think, if you have very little editing experience, I guarantee you won’t get stuck anywhere while using it.

Necessary Requirements for Alight Motion App

Each app is created for specific purposes like alight motion for editing, pubg for gaming, picsart for photo editing. All these apps require hardware capability according to their need, that’s why your device should be able to run these apps otherwise your smartphone will not work properly. Same is the case with alight motion, it expects their users 4GB RAM with Quad-core processor to work perfectly. 

These are the basic requirements, exceeding them is a plus point. If your device does not have these features, it does not mean that the phone will not be able to run this app, the only difference is that your smartphone will be very slow due to which, you will be in constant trouble.

Why Alight Motion APK

If you are not a skilled video editor and want to create animations, there is no other way to design a Pro video than Alight Motion, which is an easy to understand editor with all the premium options. KeyFraming is one of its interesting features that allows us to edit and customize the shape, color, size of any particular thing from any frame. There are also many unlocked features (without any watermark) that you get in the premium version including visual effects, vector graphics, blending and more.

As you know, the premium version is not freely available on the Play Store or any other platform, so you need to go to the Pro APK which you can download for free here with all unlocked features.

Features of Alight Motion MOD APK

Import your own Editing Tool and Download from Library

By the way, the tools available in the app are numerous for editing but if you are tired of using it then alight motion allows you to easily import more tools from the phone’s internal storage and the app online library. This will allow you to make the editing more effective. You’ll be glad to know that this app plays a significant role in instantly exporting your mp4 and animated videos.

Vector Graphics

Before working on vector graphics it is important to know what it does. So let me tell you this app helps to create animated videos with the help of vector graphics. No other app can animate images like alight motion apk. With its unique feature you can combine any 2D and 3D images to form animated videos. Alight motion gives you complete freedom to create and animate your own vector image.

Transition Effect

These effects are similar with the visual but they have their own grace or beauty when they add them on different animation videos. With the use of these effects, your editing gives a unique or realistic look that is so desirable. This eliminates any shortcomings in video editing that precede its use. In other words, it would not be wrong to say that your animated video and motion graphics are incomplete without it.

Easy to use

Alight motion is much easier to use than the editing apps on the market. All the features that are difficult to access are readily available to all users. It’s so simple that even a beginner can use it without having to watch a video tutorial. If you know a little bit about editing, I can say for sure that no one can stop you from becoming a professional by editing with this app.

Powerful Tool

This app saves your creative ideas from being lost and turns them into vector graphics to make your creativity a reality. It was difficult to copy anything due to limited resources, but Alight Motion mod has solved the problem by introducing bitmap and vector editing in minutes. This makes it easy to create layers of video, audio and graphics.
For smooth animation videos, this app allows you to create your own time curves. Moreover, You can also add fun to the animation by using the frames in the app. You can estimate the power and potential of this app while using it.

Key Frames

This is one of the high rated features of Alight Motion that allows you to edit video animation frames by frame. When Alight Motion launched this app it was not very useful but over time it became very popular for making animated videos.
You have every option to customize and add any element to your animation without any restrictions. Its infinite element can only get people’s attention from your editing by adding beautiful elements to the editing. Key frames can make you famous.

Visual Effect 

The effect makes your videos great. Each artist chooses a different effect to make the video or animation more attractive. But editing doesn’t just depend on the editor’s choice, you need to grab the user’s attention with powerful and unique effects to get the viewer’s attention.
The AM mod apk app introduces the latest visual effects that are more than enough to edit. This app has a lot of effects like warm colors, gradients, color palettes, clouds and much more, but if they are used in their specific place, they will look very beautiful. You can add these effects to make your friend’s birthday video memorable.
Gradient effects provide you 2 different feelings at the same time in your animation because it is the combination of more than one color. This is an effective effect of people’s attention

Free to Use

The majority of video editing apps charge their users to access them with premium features. When they start editing and reach a specific point where they need a pro function, they do not have a subscription so they are obliged to pay to finish their editing. But in Alight motion pro mod apk, you will have access to every premium unlock feature at no cost.
If you use AM mod apk it does not require any subscription but your credit card information will be necessary for unlocking functions in the playstore Alight Motion app.

Multiple Export Formats

Due to limited options in other editors you often face problems in exporting your projects in desired format, but it provides different exporting formats like MP4, Animated Gifs, PNG, MOV, FLV etc. When you are ready to export your video project, a list of various formats will show you to choose the format you want. You can easily share and upload these files on any popular platform as they accept all these formats.

Basic Requirements for Alight Motion Pro

As we know, Alight Motion increased its popularity day by day due to its incredible video editing tools. You cannot access these professional tools unless your device meets its basic requirements. If you want to experience video editing in Alight Motion Pro, your device should have 4 GB of RAM. But don’t worry, users who have mobiles with less RAM can also use the supported version of alight motion pro according to the capability of their device.

Drawbacks of Alight Motion APK

Each software requires a specific device and hardware to run the work without any problems. This app also has some important rules and regulations that it expects from its users. If your mobile’s RAM is less than 4GB, I’m sorry to say that it will interfere with your editing, so keep updating it to the latest version from time to time and get a realistic result with the help of capable hardware.

What’s New v4.5.0

The latest version 4.5.0 is currently working in alight motion pro after the December update. Here you will get some new changes like:

  • Amazing Copy & paste layer styles
  • Remove Virus and Malware
  • All bugs are fixed
  • Introduce new effect like, Omino Glass & Diffusion, Dark glow, Hollow box, smooth & Electric edges and more

What’s New v4.1.1

  • Add Custom Fonts
  • Distortion Effect
  • Fix Bugs and improve user experience

What’s New v4.2.0

  • Enhance User Experience
  • Bug Fixes

What’s New v4.4.6

  • Launch app without Alight Motion watermark
  • Performance Improvement

How to Install Alight Motion MOD APK

Alight motion is a powerful tool for editing animated videos, motion graphics and many more things. You cannot find mod versions from the play store because all premium features are not unlocked in this platform. Todays you will learn the latest method to download and install Alight motion mod apk 

  • First of all turn on your mobile data and wifi whatever is readily available
  • Then Download Alight motion mod apk from the button given below
  • When Apk file is completely download
  • Then, visit the mobile setting -> security setting -> and enable unknown sources if it requires
  • Then allow permission to unknown sources
  • Finally, now, press the install button and alight motion mod apk will start installing on your android device
v Pro Subscription Unlocked

Modded Features of Alight Motion Mod

  • It Support XML
  • Without Watermark
  • 200% free from ads
  • Multi languages fonts available
  • Premium Effects Are fully unlocked
  • Chroma Key available
  • This time 100 percent free from Lag 
  • All preset support

Alight Motion Pro for PC

If you are a window user and like to edit videos on your laptop or PC, then it’s a great decision, I also like to edit on my PC, it’s much more comfortable and easy to edit a video frame by frame and adjust everything quickly and more professionally. You can also check the quality of visual effects, coloring, graphics on the big screen and export it easily, so download it from the button below and enjoy.

Screenshots of Alight Motion App

Alight Motion App Screenshots

User Reviews

Bixu Free

Alight Motion is a very grateful and wonderful app for animation and video editing and best app in history. I’ll given 5 star because the performance and edition of the app too much good than other apps.

Mokennen joseph

I love it! It has become a great editing app. There is one HDR CC editing compared to others which is really attractive and cool, I suggest you all to install it to look awesome.

Gacha Wolfy

I believe the Alight Motion is amazing and all the capabilities are great and super useful. Each and every little thing makes editing good and smooth. Alight Motion has every option as compared to other heavy system software’s like Adobe After Effect. It’s a pretty good app.


This app is the gold standard of animation on Android. I wanted to make a small presentation for my class and make some animations to help them understand the concept easily. I never thought I would find a free program that would make this task so easy.



Alight Motion APK is by far the most used app for animation, motion graphic, vector 2D and 3D video and many things for editing. This free app has lots of visual, raster transform, scale resist and transition effects to make your videos professional and desirable. A few days ago, alight motion introduced more latest features, including bug fixes, camera objects, move layers up and down, and new frame rates to make your editing look great. With our personal experience in AM mod apk, whenever I have to edit, I choose it because it gives me easy access to every Pro feature.

I hope this article solves most of the problems that are preventing you from choosing this app.

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