Free Download Pixellab MOD APK v2.1.2 for Android

Let’s dive into a great experience of the famous text and photo editing application pixellab which are offering lots of premium Features like 3D text, Drawing, text font & colors, and many more just in a single platform for their users. Those users who are interesting to do customization through this app but unable to reach its unlocked access without getting its subscription can make it possible by using Pixellab Mod Apk App.

Here we bring a mod apk file of pixellab applications which is not available in the google play store. After downloading this file you have complete freedom to customize your image with all unlocked features that are not available in the simple play store pixellab app.

NamePixel Lab Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
Size 41M
UpdatedFew Hours Ago

Introduction Pixellab App and Working

You will be very happy to know that now there is an app among us that will make the colorless text look amazing. This app has turned long-term work into hours. We used photoshop and similar difficult software to add stylistic text to the image, which took days to create, But after the advent of pixellab, these tasks are no longer difficult at all.

The easy-to-use interface of the pixellab app has made it downloaded by millions of people today. With the help of numerous fonts in it, you can create quotes as per your desire and paste them on the image to make it memorable. Another interesting thing is that you can express your feelings to someone by adding text to the photo.

All professionals, who want such type of customization should download this application on their android devices because it’s a golden opportunity for them to make their edits stunning and delightful. It is a totally free and 100 % safe app for your mobile devices. So what are you waiting for? Just go and get benefits as much as you can.

Pixellab App Top Features

Pixellab has all the features to bring life to your dull pictures, some of the top ones we are going to mention below.

Add Simple & 3d Text

This is considered the main feature of pixellab because in it we can create any type of text and apply it to the image. People who are doing HR jobs for multinational companies can add custom text on background images in their presentation through this app and can be happy and satisfied to the company clients.

The matter is not finished yet, you can make the image even rarer by using 3D text in your photo. You don’t need to go to any other platform to do this because this feature is also available on your own pixellab app. So prefer to enjoy more by turning your writing towards this feature.

Change and Remove Image Background

Changing and removing the background is also considered a top feature in pixellab, where the image behind the text can be replaced with another photo or wallpaper. Also, if the background image is obstructing the words mentioned in your post, you can remove it without any hesitation. Remove the background blur, damaged, and out-of-focus image, then choose a suitable image so that the viewer can clearly understand its purpose.

Draw Whatever You Want

As you know, pixellab is introducing smart features one after another, including drawing. In this, you can draw a map of anything with the help of the given pen or your finger without resorting to any other software. The sketches you make in it can be a guide for those who may not be able to understand plan text. You can also use it in your class presentation to draw something related to your topic to highlight the main points.

Add Multiple Charming Fonts

Be sure to choose from over 100 of PixelLab awesome fonts from the library to make your edits even more polished. Apply these fonts alternately to your writing and see which font makes them more attractive. You can define each sentence separately by using different fonts as per your desire. Feel free to express your feelings, emotions, and whatever you want by using pixel lab free fonts.

To make you more comfortable, it also has the option of custom fonts where you can prepare the font of your choice and paste it on the image.

Add Attractive Stickers

There is no other corresponding app except pixellab which offers such an amazing category of built-in stickers. By using this feature, you can add multiple stickers to any of your posts and enhance their beauty. With  these stickers, emoji, and shapes, you can make funny memes and spread happiness on sad faces.

Furthermore, if you have already created an image, you can freely import from your device and use, because this app also allows complete freedom to use another image that you like instead of stickers and shapes.

So to use this cool feature, download the pixellab mod apk app from our website and try to enjoy it to the fullest.

Save Your Edits in Various Formats

This app has multiple formats to save the project as you can see as soon as you finish your edit it will save it to your device in any format the next moment, Isn’t it fun? The file of this project will be saved in your system until you delete it yourself. 

The remarkable thing about Pixellab – Text on Picture is that you can re-import save projects and add new changes whenever you want. Thanks to the quick share button present in it, your edit will become an adornment of social media the moment after completion.

How to Download & Install Pixellab MOD APK in Mobile

To download Pixellab – Text on Pictures mod apk file is quite easy for everyone who is interested to use it. Many users are afraid to download it because of the virus, but you have to follow the method we are going to explain below because it is 100% virus free.

  • Download pixellab Mod Apk file from our website because this one is completely Malware free.
  • Once it will be downloaded go to the mobile storage and click install.
  • Before installing it, You have to enable “Unknown Resource” from the mobile setting > Apps & security.
  • After Tap on install button, you will see Pixellab – Text on Picture mobile app successfully installed to your android device.
  • Now you can customize your photo to fulfill your ideas.
v2.1.2 Premium Unlocked Features

What People Think About Pixellab App

471k reviews of Pixellab – Text on Picture with a consumer rating of 4.3 indicate that this app is really helpful for users to customize the text. This proves that it is one of the top apps on the globe.

Top Reviews:

Rafa El (November 13, 2022)

This app is so great. I love it! I can’t afford a good laptop yet and PixelLab has been filling in for that Photoshop hole in my heart. One thing that would really make this app better for me though, is if I could import more than one image or item at a time. So, instead of opening my gallery whenever I want to import andl image, I just select everything I need and import at once. It’ll really save time.

Francis Madunagu (September 15, 2022)

Just found out about this app and I was just surprised something like this existed. I mean almost every feature of the app is free. No annoying ads, no glitch or lagging. It’s definitely one of the best smartphone graphic designs applications I’ve ever used

Michael Merkx (November 12, 2022)

The app has potential and used to be amazing. Since the last updates after years there are now more flaws. On top of the emboss feature scattering and not working properly, now the shadows are not fading and the emboss light also not working. Such a shame because this could be one of the best picture and text editing apps. Please put more love in it and fix it!

Peoples Asked Question’s

Final Verdict

Finally, this is the all-in-one package for all users who were expecting full premium resources on a single platform. You can also get access to Pixellab Application on Pc by using Android Emulators like Blustack, Nox-Player, and something more like that.

Its advanced text customization is the main reason for its popularity, which is also present in other apps like PicsArt and adobe, but they also have some flaws which pixellab has curbed.

Moreover, after downloading pixellab mod apk you will have easy access to all the premium features without any hindrance including the top ones that we have mentioned above.

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