Why Will the PicsArt Application Not Install on an Android Mobile?

5 Possible Reasons Why You Can’t Install Apps on Your Android Phone

1. Your Android Phone Doesn’t Have Enough Storage Space

If you have a lot of other apps, videos or photos on your device, it can use up the available memory. Check how much space the app you want to install requires and whether you have enough space for it.

You can check this by going to Settings and then Storage.

2. Your Phone’s Cache Might be Causing the Problem

Clear the Google Play Store cache and data on your Android device and try reinstalling the app. Go to Settings, Apps & Everything (swipe right to find this list) to clear the cache. Then find Google Play Store and tap on it. In this menu, scroll down and tap on Clear Data. Just below that, you should see Clear Cash, which you should also tap on.

3. Your Android OS is too Old and Needs to be Updated

Some apps will only work with later OS updates. Try updating your phone and then reinstall the app.

You can update your Android operating system by going to Settings, then About, and then Software Updates. There you should see an option to check now. Tap it and follow the instructions.

4. Factory Resetting Your Phone May Fix the Problem

In some cases, resetting your Android device may solve the problem. Before doing this, make sure that everything important is backed up on your phone so that you can recover it after the reset.

To reset your phone, go to Settings, Backup & Reset, and then tap Reset.

5. You are Using a Screen Dimming App

It is quite common to use an application to adjust the brightness of your screen or the color of its light. If you are using such an app, you may not be able to install Android apps. If you see the Install button but can’t click it, then this is probably the problem you’re facing.

That’s because screen dimming apps work the same way. To fit your screen output, the app actually adds an extra widget on top of your regular screen. When your phone detects it, it disables the Install button. This is a security measure designed to protect you from malicious software. If not, the malware can use an overlay to customize it.

The good news for you is that disabling the screen dimming app will solve the problem. After installing the custom app, you can re-enable the screen dimming app and enjoy your Android.

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