How to Get Rid of Watermark on Alight Motion Without Paying

Are you one of those users who is irritated by the watermark of the alight motion app? We know it may create disturbance and change the attraction of the viewers who have been watching your videos for a very long time. This may confuse viewers as to why this watermark has been seen here and what is the purpose of this logo in the video.

So, don’t worry, you’ll find the complete solution on how to remove the watermark in the Alight Motion app for free. 

Alight motion is a very interesting app with which you can animate any kind of video. It is estimated that there are millions of downloaders in the world today who are earning thousands of dollars from video animation through this app. It is made for both smartphone and pc but users use it mostly on mobile devices.

However, It introduces wonderful tools that users can use to give their videos a professional and attractive look. Not only this, with the help of these rare features you can enable the viewers to watch even your junk videos. This is the reason, alight motion became superior to other video editing apps like kinemaster, Filmora, etc.

Alight motion has both free and pro versions for all types of users. The advantage of buying the pro version is that you do not get to see the watermark behind the video which does interfere in the watching of joyfull videos. What’s more, in the pro version, the developers have added functions that you can’t even imagine to make your editing great.

Overview of Alight Motion Watermarks

Like other apps, alight motion also puts its logo on the back of every exported video for its branding so that it gets more fame. You will not see this logo during editing but as soon as you save the editing and play the video, you will see it on the screen. So follow our instructions to get rid of it.

How to Remove watermarks from Alight motion

There are two best ways to remove watermark in Alight motion that you can use to easily remove watermark from any videos. You can use them with the certainty that you will not need any other method after them. If you want to remove watermarks instantly in your videos then you need to use these authentic methods.

Use Third Party App

Using this method will help you safely remove watermarks without damaging your video. This is quite a simple and feasible method that most users prefer.

  • 1st, Visit the Alight Motion app and choose your favorite image, and video for edit.
  • Add effects, transition, and filters and preview your work.
  • Then scroll down and find an export option on the screen to save your video in any format. There is a watermark in the video exported here.
  • After that download the InShot app and complete its installation process.
  • While the installation process completes, open your watermark video in this app.
  • Once you add your video in InShot you will see a remove watermark option for free.
  • Click on the free option and the watermark will be removed forever.
  • Congratulations!

Download Alight Motion Pro Version

If you want watermarks to be removed from the video without following any method, then download Alight Motion Mod Apk. You’ll be happy to know that the modded version has a built-in removable watermarks feature which you will not get in the play store. All you have to do is download the pro version and use it to make the video memorable without watermarks. Getting the mod version other than watermarks will also give you more new features for editing videos such as No Ads, Support All Preset, Import Any Font, chroma key, XML support, Unlimited Effects, and many others.

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Alight motion is one of the world famous video editing apps which every enthusiast prefers from other editing apps. But consumers do not tolerate any kind of watermark appearing in their stunning videos. So, keeping these issues in mind, we have mentioned above 2 easy methods for the users by following which you will get rid of the watermark forever. We hope this information is helpful in resolving your watermark issue.

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