8 Best Alight Motion Similar Apps For Android & IOS 2023

In the era of photo and videography, there are many editing apps that provide enough features to make you a social media sensation. In the last few years, Tiktok, Facebook Reels, Youtube Shorts have become very popular and a great way for young people to show off their talents for free. Many video editing apps have sprung up in response to this growing trend and the interest of the younger generation. You don’t need much editing skills to use these apps and they provide many opportunities that are good for you to become a pro content creator.

As well as showcasing your talents, you can also grow your eCommerce business by creating brand awareness videos using these apps. So they have many uses, it is up to you how you use them to make money. They provide a variety of pre-made templates, stickers, filters, animations that we find in Pro and paid video editors that are also a challenge to use. But we can use these apps on any smartphone and make our video professional in a short time period. 

This is a very competitive era, everyone wants to be ahead of the others, so there is no chance of mistakes, we can reduce them by choosing the right video editors below. 


One of the most demanding photo and video editors that are fulfilling users’ needs for years, as it has various pro features that it provides free of cost. Using its filters and effects, anyone can create catchy and HD videos that can grab the viewer’s attention. Let’s take a look at its features to see how it facilitates us.

Key Features

  • Merge multiple video clips
  • Trim video
  • Add multiple video and layers
  • Cinematic filters
  • Text & Emojis
  • Transition effects
  • Add custom stickers
  • Animated filters
  • Copyright free music
  • Sound effects
  • Video Resizing
  • 4K Hd Video Exporting


Capcut is my personal favorite editing tool that I use mostly for my Facebook releases and short videos, although I am not a professional editor but its feature helps me a lot to create exclusive videos. Take a look at the features listed here that will surely amaze mobile users, It’s music library will play a great role in making your efforts fruitful which is very easy to use.

Key Features

  • Cut and delete parts of video
  • Adjust video speed
  • Remove Background
  • Add multiple photo layers
  • Blending¬†
  • Keyframing
  • Transition
  • Copyright free music
  • Import external audio
  • Voiceover
  • Video resizing


Kinemaster is a big name in the world of video editing, with its ease and variety of features (transition effects, filters, stickers) that set it apart from others. To produce high quality audio, it has included some standard tools including EQ presets, ducking and volume envelopes. You can also avail its premium subscription for getting your video in 4K resolution. 

Key Features

  • Built-in graphics
  • Transitions
  • Multiple layers
  • Keyframe Animation
  • Voice over
  • Blending mode
  • Sound effects
  • Cinematic filters
  • 4k resolution
  • Video resizing

VN Video Editor

Commonly called VlogNow, VN Video Editor is one of those exciting “free” video applications that is obviously free to get the best features without watermarks. It also offers some smart upgrade tools, for example, curve shifting to convert versatile video speeds. It also provides an opportunity to upgrade your plan to get more features for more amazing output. 

Key Features

  • Merge multiple video clips
  • Cut and Delete any part of video
  • Video speed adjustment
  • Green screen key
  • Background removal
  • Video and photo layers
  • Amazing filters
  • Blending modes
  • Transition effects
  • Custom stickers
  • Animations
  • Music
  • 4K video


PowerDirector is an Android video proof reader that allows you to record in 4K quality, convert recordings with different timetable highlights and present them on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

It allows you to add music, changes, movement titles, effects, emotional markings, channels and more to enhance your recording. It is similarly recorded as the Editors’ Choice application on Google Play.

Although it offers a variety of features in its free app that are sufficient for any content creator, if you want to upgrade it, its quarterly, monthly, annual cost is $ 3.72, 5.57, 39.72 respectively. 

Key Features

  • 4K resolution
  • Video Stabilizer
  • Chroma key (To edit green screen background)
  • Add transition effects
  • Blending modes
  • Overlay effect


WeVideo makes amazing recordings very fastly and easy for Android users to follow. With the WeVideo Video Editor application, you can capture memories anywhere and turn them into extraordinary recordings and present them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Whether it is professional or business plan has many advantages, such as extended titles and music libraries, expert quality design, without watermarks.

Key Features

  • Video themes and filters
  • 4K Ultra High video
  • Add your own music
  • Custom Soundtrack


VivaVideo is a free video converter application for Android that has all the essential capabilities you can imagine, as well as some imaginative features that make it a solid contender.

VivaVideo is one of the top total video converters on applications, which includes converting video to features, for example, recording pictures with songs, adding video to video, strengthening clips, adding music to recordings, and that’s just the beginning. It includes many additions / stickers / channels / live clips to change your recording. You can share recordings directly to your electronic diversion handles from within the application.


Quik is one of the most incredible free video altering applications for Android, brought to you by GoPro. With the Quik application, you can make incredible recordings with only a couple of taps.

Consequently add advances and impacts, and apply topics in a state of harmony with BAT to make astounding, cooperative alters. It does the greater part of the altering consequently. Be that as it may, Quick likewise permits you to alter fine subtleties.

Audits: Quik’s general rating is 4.4/5 in view of 476,637 client surveys. Fast is a free video altering application for Android telephones.

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