Apps Like Polarr – Top 5 Alternative Photo Editors in 2023

If you are interested in Polarr, look for comparable options or other app offerings to identify the most effective answer. When looking for alternatives to Polarr, the user interface, and feature set are two other crucial aspects to consider.

After testing quite a few different possibilities, we have narrowed our choices down to these five alternatives to Polarr. The following is a list of features that, in my opinion, define the finest free software for altering photos:

  • More than the basics: Every program allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, crop, and add various filters to your photos. A photo editor has to have advanced capabilities to compete with Photoshop. These features include curves, clone and healing brushes, blending modes, RAW compatibility, and many others.
  • Ease of use: These programs were simple and easy to use.
  • Non-destructive editing: “Undo” is excellent, but layers are the gold standard.
  • 100% web-based: There are a lot of desktop and mobile Photoshop dupes in app stores. Some of the apps on this list are also available on other platforms, but this article focuses on the best web-based apps so that you can edit like a pro anytime, anywhere.


PicsArt Photo Editor

Picsart has long been known as the photo app that can do everything. It has a vast number of tools for editing and improving photos. It also has a social feature that lets you share pictures with others. The software now has a text-to-photo image generator that uses AI and works with the Discord chat service. Members can take part in challenges and keep up with hashtags, creators, and other members. You can immediately remove portrait backgrounds and replace them with textures. The best editing tools are only available to people who pay for an account, which costs $8.99 per month or $4.66 per month if you sign up for a year.

Adobe Express

If you’re already an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber, you have access to Photoshop, so why would you use Adobe Express? Because you can take the power of Polarr anywhere with Express’s web or mobile apps. 

  •            Express is fantastic for design newbies and seasoned professionals who are often on the        
  •            move. Buy Express if your company has a subscription to Creative Cloud, but you’ve    
  •            been avoiding Photoshop since you work in accounting and need help finding the point of    
  •            being the one to design the poster for this year’s staff party.
  •            Express is fantastic for design newbies and seasoned professionals often on the go. Buy                              
  •            Express if your company has a subscription to Creative Cloud. Still, you’ve been avoiding 
  •            polarr since you work in accounting and wonder why it’s your responsibility to design the   
  •            poster for this year’s staff party.


Exposure, contrast, saturation. Every program on this page can do fundamental adjustments, but Fotor is the only one that offers additional advanced features for no extra cost. These include curves, grain, and adjustable noise levels. 

Certain effects, such as their AI-powered “1-tap boost,” as well as the background and object removers, need payment to access. However, they are simply shortcuts that allow you to accomplish the same thing directly within the program, and as such, they do not merit upgrading. The batch editor is a function that I wish was included in the free plan. You can resize, crop, apply color changes, and more for up to 50 photographs at the same time, which makes it ideal for editing photos for use on various social networking platforms.

The “Beauty” part of Fotor has a comprehensive collection of portrait editing tools, and the effects are of high quality. Some of them don’t cost anything, but the ones you’ll use the most, including removing blemishes and red eyes, as well as brightening your teeth, are the ones that do. The existence of a tool labeled “weight reduction” has been called into question. This tool does little more than distort the proportions of your overall shot, giving it a weird Gumby feel. Aside from that, Fotor’s retouching capabilities are among the best in the industry.

The curves control in Fotor is what initially hooked me to the program; nonetheless, it is a very capable all-around picture editor. I can’t help but drool over that classic matte finish, and fortunately, it’s really simple to achieve with only a little bit of curve tweaking.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Adobe Lightroom

Even if you don’t use the desktop version of Adobe Lightroom, the industry-leading photo processing software, Lightroom Mobile is still an excellent picture tool to have on your device. The mobile application provides extensive post-shoot editing, in addition to a camera feature that allows you to shoot in raw format on the iPhone (Android can do so with its native camera). This provides you with more leeway in adjusting the exposure, white balance, and other aspects of your photographs. You may even take pictures while applying effects like black-and-white or sepia. In the update that was released in November 2022, content-aware object removal, auto-selection of persons and objects, and adaptive presets for portraits and skies were introduced. The last version in July included some fundamental video editing and effects.

Paid users have access to cloud storage for their photos in addition to a significantly larger collection of editing tools and filters, including masking, healing, and suggested presets. Free users have access to a respectable selection of editing tools and even filters, which now include an Amount slider to adjust the intensity of the effect. The application provides a wealth of direction and advice for taking superior photographs. Lightroom Mobile even gives you the option to send your work to the Discover community of photographers so that they may give your photo a try at being edited by themselves. You may purchase a subscription to the applications that are only available on mobile devices for $4.99 per month, and you will receive 100GB of storage in the cloud. For $9.99 per month, the regular Lightroom Creative Cloud Plan grants you full access to the program as well as one terabyte of storage space.


Canva is designed more for novice or amateur designers, although it still does an excellent job of integrating the bulk of picture modifications that a professional would do. Its target audience is more novice or amateur designers. Because the layers are kept distinct from one another, you are able to move individual pieces independently of one another, as well as place elements behind or in front of one another. 

The backdrop eraser is effective (just as effective as Adobe’s), but it is exclusive to the premium subscription and cannot be purchased separately. There are a large number of pre-made text combination possibilities for simple and fast modification, as well as clipart. Although the premium plan contains more options, the free options are all that you actually need to get started.

Yet, Canva’s greatest advantage is its cooperation. When you invite people to utilize your Canva assets, they will be able to provide comments and make changes to your designs in tandem with you. Brand logos, brand color swatches, and custom typefaces may all be kept in one convenient place with the “Brand Kit” feature, available in the Premium plan.

Canva is great for remote teams not only because it makes it simple to maintain brand consistency, but also because it is so intuitive to use. Anyone, from design novices to experts, may use the straightforward interface with ease. They won’t be too overwhelmed, and you won’t have to put in too much time teaching them.

It’s an ideal option for startups and individual entrepreneurs who are just getting started with assembling a marketing team or bringing in outside help with graphics.

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