Best Apps Like PicsArt for Android – Reviewed & Guideline

Here we are explaining the alternatives and direct competitors of a very popular photo and video editing app picsart. In the Photo Editing and Creative Designing category, we find thousands of apps like Pixlr, Pixel Fed, Photoscape, Snapseed and many more that we can use as Picsart’s altar. Now we are going to review these apps and tell you our recommendations, which app is more useful for photo editing. 

Undoubtedly, picsart gives us all the features and functionality we need to professionally edit a photo or video. So, with all users in mind, including Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac, learn about the best apps that are good for editing and easy to use.

PicLab – Photo Editor

We’ve put piclab on top of others as an alternative to picsart, with millions of downloads and positive reviews from users. This is by far the best choice for smartphone users to make good memories by incorporating artwork provided by the picsart community. In its list of features we found great stickers, fine filter colors, layers and templates, text fonts, quality shadows and much more. Using these features, you can make your product or photos look amazing. 

Cupslice Photo Editor

If you want to see professionalism in your photos, make cupslices your choice. Its user-friendly frames and editing tools will give you the best experience for improving image quality. 

Even if you are not good at editing, you will be proud of your editing skills using its stickers, light effects and filters.


Based on its editing tools and ease of use for the newbie smartphone user, we’ve put this app at # 3 for recommendation. Color correction, brightness adjustment, contrast, frame, lighting effects and stickers, all these features help to improve the image quality.

To get attention, it has the option to draw something towards a specific part of the image or apply a multi-colored background anywhere. It allows children to wear fake glasses or beards on their faces to get a different look.


Users can get full control over the images while editing on their mobile phone using its brightness and contrast adjustment features. We described the two versions of pixlr below:

  • Editor Version
  • Express Version

In these versions, you can get layers, modified colors, lightening effects, and many more features to improve the picture quality. The main objectives of Pixlr are designing and modifying the photos. There is also the option to remove or add effects to specific areas on images. Its blurry and focus features make it unique from other editors.

Photo Editor

To give the image a stylish look, they provide more than 30 designing tools with professional effects, frames and stickers. This app is made especially for those who love animation, you can freely add animations to your photos using its designing tools. 

Share your artwork in your social circle using stickers, saturation adjustment features, and other creative painting tools. However, the overall structure is good and every functionality is easy to get even if you are new to the field of editing.


Snapseed is one of the most incredible applications you can use as an altar to PicsArt. It allows photography lovers to upgrade their photos and selfies using amazing filters and tools.

Additionally, the Snapseed application can create and save channel and casing mixes by defaulting and evolving channels. Perhaps the best thing about this Snapseed application is that it has a unique way of keeping the configuration as a date.

All things considered, it allows customers to open records and resume work. These highlights are not found in most photo editing applications, except for those that offer livestock photos.


This app ranks among the most professional image and photo editing apps due to its control over designing ways and images. MOLDIV facilitates its customers with excellent design tools to effectively improve image quality and design in a short period of time.

It is designed to meet the needs of entry and professional level editors, and includes all the features that come in handy in good editing. There is no need to take pictures with a high quality camera as it overcomes the problem by providing the option to beautify your own camera.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Lightroom is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud and is passively powerful, it plays an important role between clicking on a photo and posting it on social media. It is a middle man to enhance the quality of the image by applying its effects.

It’s really important to know Lightroom, rather than any other editing app. The main difference is that using Lightroom you can only edit what is already inside the file, not just minor changes, most of which are, so most of you take pictures that you can edit, and also your cataloging, organizing and all of these things. 

On the off chance that you really want to plan to take your selfies and photographs, what you really want to do is search for the tools and features in this application. Individuals who know about Adobe Photoshop will find this Adobe Photoshop Lightroom helpful and magnificent.

You can get this component as probably the best advantage of this application. You can get to, sort out and share your photographs and selfies from anyplace and from any device.

BeFunky Photo Editor Pro

It’s a great graphic design tool, photo editor, and has a collage maker, all wrapped up in one, easy to use app. It allows us to quickly and easily create great and creative products without having to open multiple tabs. 

You can get all the premium and advanced features for editing photos using BeFunky Photo Editor Pro. This is by far the best app for entry level and professionals due to its easy to use and understandable tools. In addition, there is the integration of modern touch-up systems.

Photo Lab Picture Editor FX

Photo Lab gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time with its unique feature which is to add your face to any movie character of your choice. Its shading, brightness, and contrast features and other designing tools are amazing that users can use to enhance photography. 

This is a great app for designing cartoon shapes for entertainment purposes. Photo Lab Picture Editor FX creates great montages and turns your photos into unique works of art that freeze everyone. 

Photo Lab Pro

With this application you can configure strategies for manual image conversion techniques, or you can configure computerized frameworks for image conversion. Additionally, Photo Lab Pro offers tools for everyone, and the tools are straightforward. This is a custom application for enhancing, decorating and orchestrating custom images.

Plus, you’ll be getting rid of red eyes with this Photo Lab Pro application. It also offers a touch framework, which allows you to eliminate skin blemishes. Plus, it’s easy for anyone to tweak this Photo Lab Pro. This is an incredible application where you can find many tools for each image.


VSCO app is for professionals, users can try it for 7 days as a trial period, after which you will have to pay 20&/ yearly. It is a more powerful app for filmy color filters as well as stickers and animated GIFs.

It also has a great selection of black and white filters, so experimenting with it is a great choice if you’re into your moody monochrome shots. The toolkit is its best feature, which is used to clarify the image, color, saturation, temperature and sophistication.


PhotoScape X is an all-in-one photo editing software that provides photo-related functions such as photo viewer, editor, crop, batch, collage, merge, GIF creation, color packer, screenshot, RAW images and Plus. 

This is a basic photo editing software that you can use to enhance your photo quality, it is a lightweight software that is recommended for smartphone users. Create an image by merging multiple images into one frame and easily edit it but not useful for layers.


This is a selfie proof reader suitable for all levels of photographers. In addition, it is an intuitive application that works in the most common way to improve the face. With Fotogenic, you can definitely adjust the texture of the skin, brighten it, add more variation, and so on.

  • This is an indisputable image changer app for Android users.
  • The application offers a wide range of image editing tools.
  • It also offers a ton of shadow replacement devices.


In fact, Lumii is a really cool and popular PicsArt alternative that you might want to consider. With Lumii, you can ofcourse add image channels and image effects. Similarly, the application has many capabilities to work on the image.

  • The application allows you to efficiently convert presets, tools, effects, twists and images with Hue-Saturation-Lightness (HSL).
  • It offers many advanced image conversion tools for editing.
  • You can also create the effects of modern day double screen photography through this application.

LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects

LightX is another best photo editing app famous for its amazing visual effects and layers. Any new or entry-level editor can edit photos using its features including background changes, splash photo effects, photo merges, stickers and more.


PicsKit is specifically designed for smartphone users, known for their professional layering editing tools and design effects. Creatives like to use it on a regular basis to share artwork on social media. Its blending modes, color pop, photo montage, and 200+ stickers and filters are the main reasons for its popularity. 


Photodirector photo editing app is used to create trendy double-exposure effects in images effectively. It provides many overlay images for you in its Blender tool, you can easily resize and reposition the blending area of your image. Users can easily control the opacity of images using a slider. You can erase specific areas and refine photo edges with its brushing tools. Must try Its HDR effect to enhance the quality of image.  


This tool is a free version as well as a paid one, only 4GB RAM is required for Canva. This is an international app or platform, people like to create logos, Facebook posts, covers, slides, presentations and much more with Canva. 

Here you can find wide collections of free elements and templates which are very useful for designing. Color gradients and text font styles are just awesome in the free version, in the paid canva you got extra features. 

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express has a significant number of similar elements that you’ll find in a light room, including choices that change the show, differentiation and shading, however it eliminates a few expert tools and cloud detection, and most In addition, it reduces charges. Deleting is an incredible tool for improving your images, yet you’ll find the same sensible commitment to tools and covering surfaces, just like the tools to create unusual combinations of your images.


Which is the Best Editing Tool, PicsArt or Photoshop?

PicsArt is primarily an app for phones. There is no phone that can handle raw format images because of the size of the images plus the power required in the video processor. The top PicsArt app costs $8 per month and Photoshop costs $10 a month. PicsArt is a phone app for snapshots and casual photos while Photoshop is a great mobile tool for basic face editing, correcting asymmetry issues, removing red spots and skin blemishes.

Which out of Snapseed, VSCO, Lightroom, Photoshop and PicsArt, is the Best Tool for Professional Photo Editing?

PicsArt – Picsart is a very powerful photography, image editing and drawing application similar to Photoshop, Flickr and a professional camera. It allows users to take and edit photos, draw with layers, and share their photos with the PicsArt community and on other networks like Facebook and Instagram. The app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. It is also available on PCs running Windows 8.1 or higher.


We’ve reviewed 20 apps similar to picsart that provide features and tools for efficient designing. Picsart is the most professional app for using filters, frames, layers, stylish font texts, stickers, animated GIFs and videos. All above defined applications have tools for enhancement, cropping, overlay, editing, filter customization, brush and many more functions. Plus, these apps give you complete control over all the photos and selfies, and you can share your artwork with your friends and other users with just one tap.

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