Picsart Photo Editor Popular Features and Uses in Editing

What is Picsart Photo Editor

Picsart photo editor is a photo editing software that can professionally edit any type of image or video. Picsart has a lot of editing functionality that we can use to enhance our simple images.

To professionally edit your photo, picsart provides a tool to help you design your pic as much as possible. If you are good at using picsart features, you have unlimited opportunities to explore the editing world.

Picsart Photo Editing Application

Picsart is a very popular application for Android users, as it provides all the features that users want in every premium app. The download rating of this application is increasing day by day which proves that it will be in high demand in future. The good thing about this app is, it supports all Android devices with version 5.1 and above. 

How to Edit Pics in Picsart

Picsart photo editor is a top editing app for android specially made for mobile phone editing. In this paragraph, you will learn how to edit photos in picsart for free. In picsart, there are many functionalities but the best seven amazing features I have found while editing my photos and would like to share with you that can really help you to make your photo perfect. This app is free for both Android and iOS devices but the method of download in iOS is different from Android devices. You can find it in the Apple Store by typing picsart photo editor and collage.

Apply Free Crop

This feature can crop your image into a rectangle or square, but the free cropping is quite different from the simple cropping feature. In it, you can crop as much as you want. It is mostly used to change the background of the image.

Use Dispersion

Open the toolbox and select dispersion, adjust the size of the brush and draw some lines on the image that you want to disperse. Click the arrow button next to the top of the mobile screen. The image will be scattered in small triangle pieces. You can stretch the spreading part to make the triangle pieces bigger and wider.

Tilt Shift Horizontally or Vertically

The Tilt Shift feature allows us to fade any part of the image horizontally or vertically. You can set the amount of the blur range from 0 to 100. To remove the selected blur area of the photo, Picsart has the erase option in tilt shift feature.

Writing Text

If you want to add some text to your image, Picsart provides this feature to its users. Using this, the user can easily add any type of text to the image. The unique feature in picsart, users can increase the font size of their text, apply different colors and add many other features to the text such as blending, spacing, shadow or border.

Insert Frames

Frame Tool lets you add different frames to the image. There are different types of frames in this tool such as birthday frame, love frames, magazine frames, tropical and many more. You use frames to make your photo more attractive and picsart offers thousands of attractive frames that play an important role in making your photo look stunning.

Trending Effects & Stylish Filters

Picsart Awesome Editor app is full of charming effects. There are many effects available in library that can improve your image by applying these modern effects. Draw images using the HDR effect and with a saturation or insulator filter to make photos like painting. The latest effect most users use in picsart is colorized that can capture images in amazing colors. Apply colorized effects and make your image more attractive.

Paste Stickers

Users can paste stickers from the library and also download the stickers online. There are bundles of stickers in picsArt just for the sake of fun which you paste on your image. There are several categories of stickers available in picsArt such as #JLo, #Mojo Wang, #Christmas, #frames, #Noel, #text, #heartCrown and much more, after pasting it in your image you can adjust the font size, color scheme which You want, apply charming effects and adjust borders in different colors around the sticker that you like.

Add Callout

This feature is also available in picsart if the user wants to type any kind of message on their photo. Users can customize the color of their message box and also change the font family of its text, users can apply opacity 0-100 in the message box to put a unique look in their photo.

Picsart’s Popular Features

When you enter the picsart photo and video editor app you will find a lot of amazing tools that are easy to use and will help you to make your simple image look great. With the online Picsart app we can capture the beautiful moments of our lives that we will never want to forget. It also has many free templates and you can put every moments of your functions and occasions in custom templates of your choice. 

Let’s name some of the features that can make your beautiful moments charming.

  • Unique Photo effects & filters 
  • Dispersion or Perspective tools
  • Online DP Editing
  • Stretch Your image
  • Video editor with music
  • Photo editor tools
  • Collage frame maker

Picsart Challenges

Picsart has introduced a new feature in the art world called Challenge which gives us a lot of ideas to know what is the newest  trend in art nowadays. In the online Picsart Challenge, artists from all over the world come to participate and get a chance to win prizes. Artists show off their creativity  but the win is counted based on the public vote. Artists can take part in specific challenges in which they specialize.

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