MotionLeap MOD APK v1.3.16 (Pro Unlocked) Download

A program called Motion Leap can transform your uninteresting images into spectacular animations. With the help of the different animation effects at your disposal, this program essentially brings vitality to your images. Use amazing photos to astound your loved ones or following. Even if you merely downloaded Motion Leap, people might believe that a professional created these. This isn’t your normal editing app, either. There are numerous additional effects available in addition to the standard photo editing tools. This program offers numerous distinctive overlays, animated sky, filters, and a ton of other features. 

Additionally, you can add various animation effects like clothing, waves, and hair. You’ll never run out of creative ideas with this app! There are many options for photo editing, which makes it a lot of fun. The program gives you the ability to entirely transform your static images into active and exciting live photos with breathtaking visual experiences thanks to its strong and spectacular capabilities. Discover the comprehensive photo editor with all the basic capabilities, fully adjustable animations, and other features that will make your photographs much more engaging. With your new photo editor, Android users now have yet another fantastic option for adding style to their photographs and can take advantage of exclusive capabilities not found in any other apps right now.

NameMotionLeap MOD APK
APK Size123.84 MB
DeveloperLightricks Ltd.
Supported On7.1
Last UpdatedFew Seconds Ago
Rating Value4.3

How Does It Work?

Using apps like VSCO and Picsart to edit your everyday photos, create aesthetically beautiful effects, or add any interesting filters or effects to your photos may always leave you completely delighted. If you’re attempting to do something extraordinary and never before seen, Motion Leap is undoubtedly a worthy nominee. As a result, you might find yourself enjoying the app’s intriguing animation features. Here, adding specific motions and movements to your photos is quite achievable, both in terms of the various components of the images and the specific objects contained inside them. This enables users of picture editor apps to explore a completely new realm of creativity.

Also included in the program are the usual and easily accessible video editing functions, which most of you would probably find useful. Before moving on to Motionleap’s distinctive animated images, feel free to start with the basic editing.

Features of MotionLeap MOD APK

The photo-editing app Motion Leap is unique. Compared to typical photo editing apps, this one has considerably more capabilities. Read about its features if you’re still not persuaded.

Add Animation to the Static Pictures

The “alive” images, which come with intriguing visual effects that give you the impression that they’re still there, allow users to experience something truly unique. Motion Leap makes it possible to accomplish this with just a few taps and selections, adding multiple photo movements. To guarantee the overall rhythms of the photos, easily change the motions’ directions. You can adjust the movements by changing your anchor points in various locations inside the directed photos. For the best overall visual experiences, feel free to choose specific portions of the photographs that you want to keep static while using the freeze brush.

Apply Creative Widgets and Effects

With Motion Leap, it’s simple to add eye-catching overlays and effects to still photos that will impress your friends and captivate your followers. Therefore, you can accomplish everything with Motion Leap, whether you want to make an animation that looks professionally polished or just add amusing effects to your photos.

Everyone, from your friends to your following, will be amazed by the animation pictures and cinematographic effects created by Motionleap, which gives images flowing life and action. The best part is that it is a free editor and animation program for pictures! Watch your still image come to life as amazing 24 fps videos that boomerang back and forth or flow like a GIF by animating photographs and adding 3D picture effects.

Animate the Skies

One of the most often utilized MotionLeap features is sky animation. It has the capability to animate the sky in the background of the photograph. Your photographs seem great because of the simple waving animation that makes the skies move. You have a ton of fantastic choices for customizing the animation when animating the sky background. You will have complete control over the animations thanks to the filters, personalization choices, length, kind, and many other factors.

Interesting Videos Effects 

Motion Leap now incorporates the powerful video effects in your photo editor to further enhance your overall appearance in the app. A variety of animated photo modifying instruments with intriguing speed, direction, and styles are available here. Enjoy the fantastic effects to their optimum extent by playing around with fascinating imperfections, rapidity, and direction effects on your original animated photos.

An Expert Image Animator for Android Devices

Last but not least, you may quickly learn how to add life to your videos with the professional image animator program. Here, users will be able to successfully modify their photo impressions thanks to the movements and directional effects. Additionally, users of Android devices will find it very simple and straightforward to become familiar with their in-app capabilities.

Digital Masterpiece

With the help of creative, strong, accurate, and user-friendly 3D picture animation tools, Motion Leap makes image editing simple. With a real-time editor that enables you to create stunning art in a flash, the picture editor can alter the way you present your photographs. With the help of simple and effective editing features like background changer, 3D Live, 3D motion, picture overlays, and others, Motion Leap enables you to create and edit moving photos.

Make each image into a wonderful piece of art by adding motion and astonishing effects to live images. Motion Leap is a component of the Creative Suite, which offers a variety of tools for editing images and videos.

Pro Version

There is a Pro edition of the program that includes all the functionality. But in order to utilize the pro version, users must pay a set monthly cost. That’s bad since many people might not have the money to pay the fees. Downloading the MotionLeap Pro Unlocked Apk is the greatest choice one can make for this reason. The pro version is by default unlocked when using the MotionLeap Mod Apk. This indicates that you have no trouble using all the functions.

Professional Effects

All of the effects used here are quite skilled. Therefore, amateur photographers should not use the upgrading feature. There are numerous effects that might alter the appearance of your photo from the original. Below is a list of some of the most noticeable effects in the most recent edition.

  • Create an anchor point
  • Produce 3D motion
  • Create effects for backdrop photos using camera effects
  • Creating Animated movies
  • Change the motion loop 
  • Include sky effects like sunrise, sunset, and…
  • Add various effects, such as bubbles, rain, emoticons, etc., using overlays.

How to Download MotionLeap APK for Android and iOS

The Motion Leap app is quite easy to get from the Google Play Store. However, it’s not the most effective way to gain access to the Pro features. On the Play Store, the Motion Leap app’s Modded version isn’t accessible. You must thus use the other options. The best course of action is to use a reputable website, like ours, to download the MotionLeap Pro Mod Apk, and then to perform the manual installation process. You can quickly download and install this software on your smartphone by using the MotionLeap Mod Apk direct download link. You can download this program directly from this site, and you can also find installation instructions there.

  • Install the modified version of the Motion Leap app first on your device.
  • After that, tap the APK file you just downloaded, then tap “Install” to begin the installation process.
  • The installation will finish in a brief amount of time. Please wait patiently for it to finish.
  • Once finished, click “Open” to launch the software and continue animating the still pictures.


Any serious editor should have the Motion Leap software. It provides a variety of features that will advance your editing. You can use all the features of Motion Leap MOD APK without spending any money. A place where you can take pleasure in modifying your commonplace images and adding unique effects, filters, stickers, and overlays. In addition to running the app without adverts and erasing the watermark after saving. Utilize a variety of tools, a simple user interface, and other excellent features that you leave at the top to customize the image and backdrop colors.

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