Airbrush MOD APK v5.13.0 (Unlocked Premium) Download 2023

One of the most user-friendly photo editors for Android phones and tablets, AirBrush allows you to capture the perfect selfies with the built-in camera and edit them in real time. The app has a ton of incredible capabilities, including blemish and pimple removal, teeth whitening, photo contouring, Real-Time Editing, gorgeous filters, and many more. You may find plenty of clever editing options in this program to help your images look more beautiful and real. With the images imported from the device gallery or taken using the built-in camera of this picture editor, feel free to make extensive customizations.

The official AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor created by Pixocial Technology is changed (cracked) in AirBrush Pro Mod Apk. This is a smartphone app that you really need if you enjoy snapping selfies and editing photos. This app’s beauty filters and real-time editing technology, which give your photographs additional depth and a professional look, are among its best features. To promote involvement with friends and family, you can also directly upload your images on other social media sites.

It features an intelligent detecting tool that can enchantedly remove undesirable items from the background of your preferred pictures. The built-in camera of this app has many more functions than the default camera app on your iPhone, allowing you to quickly and easily take beautiful selfies. You can take use of AirBrush to further your smile’s brightness, improve your eyesight, and whiten your teeth.

NameAirbrush MOD APK
APK Size62.61 MB
TypeMobile Application (Gold Subscription Unlocked)
Supported OnAndroid 6.0 and Above
Rating Value4.1

What Does It Do?

Android users can take advantage of the fully-featured program with a lot of practical tools to edit and enhance your images in countless possible and improbable ways. Enjoy exploring its incredible features and pleasantly surprising user interface. Consequently, your creative work will be much more cozy and delightful. You can edit and enhance your portrait images in every manner conceivable using the whole program.

The amazing Blemish and Pimple Remover will transform any portrait images into stunning works of art, so be ready to enjoy it. To make your smiles and facial expressions far more delightful, also whiten your teeth and brighten your eyes. Enable your Perfect Skin in every image utilizing AirBrush as you enhance the beauty of the characters’ skins with natural-looking makeup.

Play around with the fantastic tools that will let you tamper with reality and give your characters a variety of looks. With the help of AirBrush’s incredible tools and effects, you may slim, lengthen, or modify any portion of the images. Investigate a variety of artistic retouching options to work on the different aspects of your photographs.

Features Of AirBrush MOD APK

The exciting features in AirBrush, which give you access to a professional editing dashboard, include lovely backgrounds, gorgeous collage templates, a story builder, retouching tools, easy sharing to social media, and many more. I’ve highlighted a few of the AirBrush Mod Apk’s features below. 

Blemish Remover


The blemish-removal feature in the airbrush application automatically locates and eliminates all pimples and blemishes on your face with a single click.Just launch the app and choose the “Retouch” feature. Then, focus on the region you wish to correct and lightly paint the spot (blemish or pimple) with the brush. To make your selfies more beautiful, use the Airbrush Mod Apk to quickly remove all the undesired elements from your photograph.Achieving beautiful skin in your images has never been simpler than with AirBrush Pro Mod Apk!

Flawless Skin in Each Photo


With the aid of the resources at hand, it is now possible to modify and enable the ideal skins for your characters in AirBrush. Have fun experimenting with the glowing effects to naturally enhance your skin’s brightness, remove any unattractive imperfections from your complexion, and enhance your features with various makeup products. Several in-depth editing tools are available, or you may use the presets that are already there to get things done quickly.

Reality-Bending Tools

Users of Android devices will have access to a wide range of potent editing tools that let you alter reality anyway you like. Have fun eliminating the backdrops and slimming down the face or the full body. Change the shape of your mouth, nose, eyes, and other body parts, as well as the entire image. Use the offered tool to lengthen your selfies or pictures, and freely crop the image to change your height. Feel free to experiment with these reality-altering tools to produce your ideal visuals or just to enjoy what they can do.

Apply Many Artistic Edits to the Specified Photos


The Airbrush easy photo editor mod apk is the ideal program for you if you want a quick way to edit your selfies or you want to give your pictures a creative flair. You can work with a variety of efficient and useful tools provided by AirBrush. The blurring, cropping, stretching, slimming, and tuning features are always available for your use. Make your photographs more unique by adding artistic touches to them. Additionally, use the retouching presets offered to enable adjustments to your chosen photographs rapidly. 

Real-Time Editing Technology


In addition to all of these editing capabilities, AirBrush also supports real-time editing technology, which will make the process much simpler and ensure that users are not troubled by numerous effects and filters. Here, you may view the expected changes on any chosen editing effects right away with the desired strength. Making it much simpler to choose whether to keep these changes or not. This enables you to preview your changes before applying them, allowing you to make quick changes without worrying that they would distort your image. Compared to other programs, which ask you to save your changes before viewing them, this has a significant advantage. You can be confident your outcomes with AirBrush are always to your satisfaction.

Take Advantage of the MOD’s Free and Unlocked App


There are in-app purchases and adverts that you must pay for with real money even if you may still use the Google Play Store’s free app. The customized version of AirBrush on our website is always a better option, unless you want to spend that much money on a single mobile app. Here, we offer the fully unlocked app so you can take full advantage of it. It has unlimited access, no adverts, and unlocked features. You just need to download the AirBrush Mod APK and adhere to the instructions, and you’re ready to start.

Radiant, Natural Filters


Users of the AirBrush app can choose from a variety of natural, radiant filters, which will enable quick changes and numerous desired visual impressions. Each filter has been diligently produced with the choice of hues that improve the complexion without looking unnatural.Users of Android devices may now enable a variety of accessible filters on their images. Enjoy working with the expertly created filters to add realistic cosmetics to your photos or adjust the theme settings for your images. Additionally, users of the program can choose their preferred level of filter intensity. AirBrush has the ideal filter for you, regardless of whether you want a soft Glow or a bold Glam.

Benefits of AirBrush MOD APK

  • The top photo editing app
  • Simple to use
  • You can download Airbrush apk from the Play Store and the App Store
  • Blogs for editing education
  • Best application for acne removal
  • Various cosmetic looks and trends to try
  • There are more than 105 filters available
  • Data protection
  • An intuitive app interface
  • Exemplary tools

How to Download AirBrush MOD APK for Android

It is easy to see why Airbrush is considered one of the best photo editing programs in the world with such superior editing features. Since many people trust and use the application regularly, you should try to download it.

Here are some steps:

  • You must enable the “Unknown Sources” option.
  • To download AirBrush, click the provided link and select either the APK or MOD file. It simply takes a moment for the download button to show up, and it takes a few seconds to finish.
  • Save the file to the Downloads folder on your device.
  • Select Install, then wait for the installation to complete.
  • Once it’s finished, launch the app and start taking advantage of all of its incredible features.


With its practical editing features, AirBrush enables you to work on portraits in comfort and produce a variety of incredible artistic masterpieces. Just turn on the amazing portrait images with gorgeous skin, faces, facial features, bodies, and so on. All of which are accessible while using AirBrush. Plus, you may take advantage of all of its capabilities without being disturbed by using the free, unlocked app available on our website.

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