Adobe Lightroom MOD APK 8.2.1 Premium Unlocked for Android

Many people are interested in using Adobe Lightroom but due to some financial crisis, they are deprived of access to the pro features. No doubt, Premium functionality is a necessary thing and it overcomes the lack of professionalism in the creation of an editor. You can use its features to perform advanced editing tasks without any compromise.

Fanatic photographers are well aware that the Lightroom app developed by Adobe is one of the top apps in the world for performing stylish editing. It has established a good image in the hearts of people based on its expertise, due to which millions of users prefer to work on it.

So, today we are going to talk about Lightroom Mod APK, how we can get Lightroom Hack APK without any subscription fee, and describe its advanced features. And hope that by the end of the article you will get the solution of all lightroom apk related queries.

NameLightroom MOD APK
APK Size244 MB
TypeMobile Application (Gold Subscription Unlocked)
Supported OnAndroid 5.0 and Above
Last UpdatedFew Seconds Ago
Rating Value5.0

What is Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor?

It is a user-friendly app that can provide you with a smooth environment in photo and video editing no matter how tough the situation. It has a collection of vast features that you would never have imagined in an editing app before today. Apart from editing, Android users can also perform photo video capturing from an all-in-one Lightroom app.

This easy-to-use app does not require any skill to perform the operations as it is designed in such a way that every newbie can easily understand it. If you face any problem understanding any of its features, then you can watch its tutorial on YouTube where all the content related to this app is available. As soon as you engage yourself with it, believe me, you will become crazy about it. It has many premium features such as gradient color, shadow twitching, unique filters and presets collection, etc that make it superior to many other apps.

What is Lightroom MOD APK?

To keep you updated, you have to know about the Apk version of lightroom as this is not an authorized version of the adobe lightroom app but here you will find all premium features unlocked for free with the help of third-party apps.

Apart from this, if you want to unlock all the premium features through the legal process, then you will have to buy a monthly or yearly subscription plan on the regular version downloaded from Google Playstore or Appstore, for which some wages will be required. If you are happy with the limited resources of this app then simply download it from the android playstore to perform your task but if you want to get all premium functionalities in any circumstance then download lightroom mod apk to fulfill your desired editing need.

In the world of digital photography and post-processing, tools like Lightroom have become indispensable for photographers and enthusiasts alike. Lightroom’s extensive array of features allows users to enhance and manipulate their images with precision. However, there are times when you need to convert images to different formats to meet specific requirements or share them efficiently online. This is where an online image converter comes into play. Whether you’re looking to change the format of your RAW files or simply resize and optimize images for web use, an online image converter can be a valuable companion to your Lightroom workflow. Integrating these two tools seamlessly can help streamline your photography process and make sharing your visual creations a breeze.

Key Features

Here we will discuss some important features of Adobe Lightroom app which we have analyzed for most editing tasks.

Offer Best Camera App

You will be happy to know that Lightroom has also introduced the built-in camera feature within the app for its users. Here you can capture your favorite image and customize it into an attractive look with the help of editing tools. There is no doubt that you can capture high-quality photos with the powerful tool of this Lightroom camera app. Moreover, in this, you can export your image in different formats like RAW, HDR etc. and easily make changes in your editing whenever you want.

Provide Advance Editing Tools

Lightroom has more advanced and fantastic tools as compared to other editing apps. Those of you who have been associated with the photography profession and digital artist for many years can also polish their skills by using these tools. Users can further optimize their image by using color correction, adjusting exposure, contrast,  lens correction, adding stylish presets, filters and effects, stickers, etc. In Lightroom premium, you will be provided with a complete library of tools to improve any part of the image. 

Cloud Storage

This is another cool feature in which users have 20GB of cloud storage for storing and syncing material between devices. Through this, you can easily access your photos and edits anytime anywhere with the availability of the internet. Its biggest advantage is for users who are editing on multiple devices at the same time as it allows them to work on a single device and the changes are applied to all connected devices. Moreover, users can also share their photos with someone else by using cloud storage.

Healing Brush

Healing brush, which is a very popular feature in the lightroom app, allows users to remove unwanted objects such as blemishes, and spots from the image. Android users can delete unnecessary and unwanted portions and replace them with any selected part with the help of a single click and it will greatly increase your overall photo quality.

Premium Activated

The best feature of Lightroom Mod APK is that here every user will get premium features for free forever. All the users who could not get its premium version due to some reasons now feel free to download it from this website and enhance their photos even more.

Sharing and Collaboration

In lightroom premium, users can share their photos with someone and collaborate with each other on multiple projects. Through this process, the defects in your modification will also be identified and a better and more effective solution will be found through mutual consultation. 

Face Detection and Recognition

With this feature, the app can easily identify any human face in the picture and its biggest advantage will be that you will be able to sort the pictures according to people. It uses advanced algorithms to detect and recognize faces in a matter of seconds. To experience this feature free of cost simply go and download lightroom apk that are available for you with dozens of unlocked features.

Download and Install Adobe Lightroom CC MOD APK for Android/iOS

Those users who are facing problems in downloading and installing lightroom mod apk on their android devices can easily get unlocked resources by following the steps mentioned below. So let’s see what steps we have to implement.

Step #1. Click on the below downloading button and it will directly download Lightroom premium apk on your device.

Step #2. Once this process is complete, go to your mobile download folder and find the Adobe Lightroom apk file.

Step #3. Before installing, make sure the security setting (Open Phone Settings >> Tap on Security & Unknown Resources.)

Step #4. Once done, proceed with the installation process so that you can enjoy the Lightroom Apk app as soon as possible.

Step #5. That’s it.

How Does the Lightroom App Work?

Its way of working is very great and easily understood by everyone. It contains a set of tools that help users to put their best in photo editing.

  • The initial step is to import the photo in the lightroom app from the mobile device.
  • After that, you have to organize the image according to yours.
  • Then, start your editing with the wide range of available tools such as exposure, contrast, color adjustments, adding filters and effects, and many more to make your photos charming.
  • Finally, when you are done, you can export the edited file to various formats like TIFF, PSD, JPED, etc. and share it with your friends in your social circle.

What People Says About Lightroom App


If you want to play around with your photo editing, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the ideal app for you. With its powerful tool and user interface, you can easily edit and enhance your photos and videos. Must experience it once.

Chris Nagel

Great app to easily edit photos. Unlike other photo editing software you don’t need to open your PC. This app gives great control over various aspects of the photo.

Steve Radhe

Lovely! Absolutely amazing software. There are many editing software but Lightroom is exceptionally good. Such a user-friendly interface that even a newbie can use it. Highly Recommended!



Finally, here Users have got the solution to all the questions regarding downloading Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk and using it. Apart from this, a few such features have also been described above which play an important role in the popularity of the Lightroom app. Moreover, a clear difference between the simple Lightroom and the Mod Apk version is also mentioned so that users do not face any problem while editing.

The best thing about the mod version of this app is the cloud storage where users can access any file from anywhere with the help of internet connection. No doubt, this is an ideal photo editing app that can take your skill set to a higher level.

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