How to Do Cool Transition on Alight Motion Guide 2023

We use the transition effect to make our videos more stunning and attractive to get more audience by engaging different videos. The alight motion also offers such a feature that is very pretty and effortless. You just have to follow the gradual process and you will do it. In the following section we have provided the detailed information regarding the transition on alight motion for a beginner who wants to know about transition

What is Alight Motion Transition

Alight motion is an editing and animation software application which provides multiple features to make the user video more dashing and eye-catching like keyframes, visual effects, various font layers etc. Furthermore, the most important feature of alight motion is the transition effect which is used for unique and exciting work. Different types of transition effects are used in alight motion mod apk like transform, smooth and move. How to do transitions in alight motion is a very common question for beginners but don’t worry about it we are going to provide the ultimate guide for using transitions in alight motion.

Procedure for Providing Transition In Alight Motion

  • First of all you have to open a “Alight Motion ” and press on “Add Media” for adding images as well you can also press press on timeline and select plus symbol for add media.
  • Now press on every image and move to the transition menu and choose your required transition effect that you want to apply on every image, in this you have to choose a separate transition for each image.
  • Once you animate them you can also play the video for review.
  • Apply some change on it where it requires and export the video in good quality.
  • You have done, A beautiful has been applied in Alight Motion.

Procedure For Smooth Transition In Alight Motion

  • For smooth transition, firstly open the application and press on plus icon.
  • Then choose the ratio that you prefer and move to “Create Project”.
  • Now again press on plus icon and select your desired video or images.
  •  Press on selected images and apply your favorite smooth transition effect and after that add a lens for blurring your work.
  • After that choose the curvature value and move frequency upto 40.
  • Press on save and evaluate your video.
  • Now your work is ready and you can share it with your friends and family.

Final Thoughts

In transition, Alight Motion is one of the most popular video editing and animation applications. Many professional editors use different transition effects to polish their video and make them attractive and beautiful. They have various forms and shapes like fade, dissolve, 3D, cuts and many more. Now don’t worry about making your video more stunning and dashing with alight motion transition. There are millions of transitions available in this application. Beside this, you can remove watermark and also do velocity edit in alight motion mod apk.

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