How to ScreenShot and Recording on Picsart Gold

Sometimes people judge you by looking at your skill, in this case, instead of redoing the work, the screenshots taken during the work are enough to show your creativity. Many applications do not allow their users to take screenshots due to some security or internal policies but users want to save different movements and memories in their cells, they wished to take screenshots but unfortunately can’t do this. So we are here to help our audience by giving various methods for taking screenshots on Picsart app.

  • First of all, launch the picsart
  • Open the picsart app

  • Click on your profile icon that is placed in the right bottom corner

  • Click on three dots in the top right corner and select the setting
  • Enable the tutorial maker

  • Now click on plus icon to add the image

  • When you add the picture a popup will appear “ReplayKit Broadcast” you have to click on Accept

  • Now apply as many effects you want to use

  • Save the video

  • Then save to the photos folder

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Other Ways To Take Screenshot

All of us want at some point in our life to take screenshots to save different things and moments in our phone. There are very simple ways that allow us to take screenshots on android devices but sometime some application won’t allow us to take screenshot on the basis of some reasons and make it impossible for us to save things, so I’m here for you to solve this problem by eliminating all these restrictions and enable you take screenshot on those applications that does not allow it.

  • Using Google Assistant
  • Using Scrcpy Tool

Using Google Assistant

  • First of open the google assistant and explore the bottom right icon
  • On right corner, press the profile picture and go to the “General”
  •  Select the “Use screen context” and enable the button to take the screenshot

This setting now will allow you take screenshot on that application

  • Now open the app which do not allow to take screenshot
  • press and hold the Home button to launch the Google Assistant
  • Tap the “ What is on my screen ” you can write anything on it if it does not display
  • Now press on the Share screenshot button.

This is how to take a screenshot on picsart premium and other devices that don’t allow you to take it. You can also share it with your friends. Now move to next method.

Using Scrcpy Tool

In this method I will use PC software Scrcyp that will help you to record your android device’s screen and enable you to take a screenshot and you don’t need to have any type of root access. For doing this you should download the software for macOs, windows and Linux from GitHub.

  • Before connect your android phone to PC you have to setup a ADB on your Personal computer
  • Now unfolded the Scrcpy ZIP file on your computer where you want to locate it
  • Open the extracted scrcpy folder and press on scrcpy.exe file two time
  • This will mirroring the android screen on your personal computer
  • Open the application in your PC and take screenshot by pressing SHIFT + CTRL while in linux and macOS you can use a built in commands

The above mentioned bullets will help you to take screenshots using a screen recording tool on PC. This method is really good but not applicable for all apps, so you can use a routing method to take SS on all apps.


While editing some things are very dear to our hearts that we want to watch again and again but can’t save on our phone. In such a case, the screenshot is the only solution but Picsart doesn’t allow you to take screenshots as easily as other apps. For this reason, Here we explained in detail how to take a screenshot in this app with different way and tools. We hope that all the queries you have regarding the picsart screenshot have been solved.

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