How to Make, Import QR Code in Alight Motion

Alight motion is one of the best video editing software in androids and ios where you can make professional videos. A truly great tool and platform for smartphone users. Basically it allows you to import transitions, effects, presets created by others into your project just by scanning the QR code of Effects. Once you get your hands on alight Motion, this app brings you professional-quality visual effects, motion graphics and video redaction to your mobile devices. You can install and download Alight Motion via the Appstore and Google Playstore. Also, you can become an Alight Motion member to use its paid features.

Where to Find Best Alight Motion QR Codes for Templates?

Instagram and Facebook are the best platforms to quickly find new great templates and alight motion projects QR codes. There are hundreds of Alight Motion Facebook groups and pages where people share QR codes. Instagram is the perfect medium to pitch the best Alight Motion QR codes. Just search for these hashtags on Instagram, and you’ll see many templates with their QR codes to import to your device. 

Hash Tags






How to Make Alight Motion QR Code?

Follow the following steps, and you can make your own Project QR Code. 

  • Click the plus icon in the bottom center to open the Alight Motion application.
  • Give your project a unique name to find it easily.

  • After creating the project, start your editing and try out the various editing features provided by alight motion to its users.

  • Once you finish your editing, click on the Arrow at the top of the right corner. And select Project Package.
  • After clicking on the project package option, a unique QR code generated by AlightMotion for your project is displayed which you share with your friends so they can download it and make some changes to suit their needs.

How Do I Import a QR Code?

Once you have successfully imported a Qr code on Alight motion, you will be able to edit everything in the project.

  • Choose the File > Import menu item or the Import toolbar item.
  • The import panel appears.
  • Drag a file from Finder or an image from another application.
  • If the image is successfully scanned for the QR code, the decoded image and text from the QR code are displayed.

How to Use QR Code in Alight Motion?

Alight Motion’s QR codes can be very helpful in importing videos created by other editors in which they apply and try out alight motion’s different features such as various effects, transitions and presets.

Follow the steps below to use the QR code in the Alight Motion app:

  1. To proceed, you must already have a QR code to scan it and if you don’t you can ask someone to send it to you.
  2. Then you can proceed to download the QR code scanner completely free from the play store.
  3. Further, open the QR code scanner and start importing the code that you previously saved on your phone.
  4. A link will be generated immediately after importing the QR code.
  5. Tap on the generated link and open it on any browser.
  6. Download the template from there and make changes if you want.

How Do I Enable Scanning QR Codes?

Consider following the instructions below to scan QR codes:

  1. First, tap on the available Settings option.
  2. Then, choose System apps.
  3. After this, open the camera.
  4. Toggle more to enable the Scan QR Codes option.

QR Code in Alight Motion Features

Take a look at some of the exciting features of the Alight Motion app:

Graphics Layers

The Alight Motion app supports multi-layer editing. This means that the layers option helps you to use more than two images in one picture.

The first pre-motion graphic app is one of the few pro-motion apps that brings quality animation and visual effects. It allows you to tweak multiple layers of graphics and make your videos look good.

160+ Effects

You can add special effects to your video clips or images with Alight Motion to create sophisticated projects and animations. This app includes more than 160 visual effects components.

Transition effects are used to make videos stunning and more attractive. These effects make the video engaging and users also find it interesting to watch.

Brilliant Camera Options

Alight Motion Camera allows you to focus, pan and blur your photography. The camera view controls the viewing angle and the zoom distance.

And by using multiple cameras you can easily cut between different perspectives in the same scene. You can determine the size, position, and rotation of camera objects, as well as animate these features using keyframes to create animated scenes.

Three New Visual Effects

Alight Motion app offers three latest effects: Scale Assist, Parenting Helper, and Raster Transform.

Scale assist: An additional layer scale is applied on top of the scale set in Move & Transform. 

Parenting Helper: Adjusts how the child layer’s scale and rotation reacts to changes in the parent’s scale and rotation. 

Raster Transform: The Raster Transform job allows you to reproject a referenced raster image from one coordinate reference system to another and write a new image in one of the supported formats, Besides the above features, Alight Motion includes color, font, border, gradient fill, and other options.

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